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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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How did camp encourage you or help you grow spiritually?

7th/8th Grade Boys- 

  • “It redirected me in my spiritual life” -Landon K. 
  • “It let me learn more about God.” -Caleb L. 
  • “I think I learned more about the power of God.” -Michael Z. 
  • “I thought about my relationship with God.” -Zach P. 
  • “It grew me closer to God” -Alex K. 
  • “Just how I heard how other people gave their lives to Jesus” - Daniel M. 
  • “We had prayer sessions” - Joey F. 
  • “The prayers helped me grow towards Jesus” -Tyler D. 
  • “The prayers and the message were encouraging.” -Luke G. 
  • “I grew closer by worship and group time.” -Ben R. 
  • “I learned about how to grow through pain.” -Jonovan F. 
  • “I met new people and the sermon spoke to me a little.” -Caleb C.

7th/8th Grade Girls- 

  • “The sermons really spoke to me and made me remember He is the One.” -Braelyn S. 
  • “I was kind of straying away from God after having a spiritual high, this camp brought me back to Christ and made me realize how real this is.” -Hannah G. 
  • “It helped me notice my sins and what I need to work on. It helped me build a better relationship with God.” -Emoree 
  • “I saw how both on and off the field you can be representing God.” -Avlinn S. 
  • “By reading my bible more” -Kenzie K. 
  • “Camp helped me learn more about God and to always be in a good attitude” -Emmi K. 
  • “I learned how to use my sport through God, and while I run if I get tired or feel like I can’t go anymore to pray while I run.” -Raegen J. 
  • “It showed how God is always there for you but in a fun way.” -Lauren E.
  • “It encouraged me with all the people that are here worshipping the Lord” -Naomi E. 
  • “I thought about one passion, one pain, and one power and made new connections with God.” - Megan M. 
  • “It was nice to hang out with other people who love Jesus” - Natalie 
  • “I saw other people feel the same way I did so it made me feel more connected.” -Eden S. 
  • “Helped us grow close to Jesus” -Haddie A. 
  • “Made God feel more real and present” -Landes B.

5th/6th Grade Girls- 

  • “It encouraged me to pray more” - Cassie 
  • “It helped me grow closer to God” - Holly 
  • “It helped me realize that if you want to talk to God, you can whenever you want” -Callie 
  • “I learned to follow Jesus” -Lexi H. 
  • “I loved the sermons! They were powerful!” - Reese S. 
  • “It made me believe in Jesus even more” - Bayli 
  • “I prayed and read the bible” - Hannah E. 
  • “It helped me to pray” -Brooke 
  • “The chapel messages helped me” -Lauren C. 
  • “Singing and reading the bible and praying helped me” -Maria J. 
  • “The camp really showed me how powerful Jesus is which helped me a lot” -Laney N. 
  • “Worshiping and listening to sermons” -Malea S. 
  • “Camp encouraged me a lot by learning about God.” - Emily M. 
  • “By holding our hands out to Jesus when singing” -Kyndal 
  • “It helped me because with all the times I prayed over the two days I spent time and thought about what to ask” - Elly R. 
  • “It helped me grow spiritually by being able to worship everyday” - Jenna K.

5th/6th Grade Boys- 

  • "I learned how God and Jesus help me." - Elliet

  • "It helped me grow closer to God." - Ethan K. 

  • "The preacher's sermon made me believe that Jesus is so powerful." - Bradley M. 

  • "It helped me because I learned that Jesus helps you do the right things." - Dane H. 

  • "It taught me to know that God loves me." - Brock A. 

  • "Camp led me to grow spiritually by connecting with other people." - Johnnie

  • "I learned to tell the truth when you sin because if you keep it as a secret, it gets bigger." - Braden J. 

  • "It helped me see the amazing things God can do." - Nathan K.

  • "We learned more about God and it helped me believe in Him a little more." - Ben L. 

  • "It encouraged me to be more Christ-like." - Sean W

Huddle Leaders- How do you feel like you grew spiritually this week?

  • Chapel messages 

  • Watching the kids develop in their faith

  • I had to become less selfish and give of myself. I will be more grateful to leadership in my life. Shreya

  • The campers really made me think and the sermons strengthened my faith. It reminds me to be a good role-model for kids and hold myself to a higher standard. It also helped my relationship with God. Megan 

  • I just feel like God was talking to me all week. Sydney

  • It was cool to be a part of impacting the campers’ lives. Kaelynn

  • Having the younger kids share their insight helps me grow to learn more about Jesus from different perspectives. Casey

  • I learned how to have Jesus with me and in me. Michael

  • I have relied on Christ a lot this week for guidance and protection. Allie

  • I was able to see how God was working in the campers lives and it made me very thankful for Him. I felt like He was speaking through me during huddle time. I grew closer to Jesus and I have a new perspective on the love Jesus has for us. Abbey

  • The kids inspired me because of their young faith. David

We are grateful to these churches, businesses, volunteers, coaches, and student leaders for all the support. We couldn't do this without YOU!!

Eastview Christian Church, East White Oak Church, Trinity Community Fellowship, Avanti's, Baxter's, Martin Sullivan- Roanaoke.

Coaches- Collins, Broach, Neylon, Fellner, Lee, Clayton, Ward, Stella, Graeber, Harre 

Joel, Megan, Janelle, Leah, Luke, Justice, Cooper, Claire, Lindsey, Lacey, Sidney, Rebecca, Abbie, Jen, Clara, Jessie, Selah, Avery, Lauren, Reagan, Brooke, Katie, James, Michael, Tyson, Luke, Ashton, Taeed, Bo, Soren, Brady, Shea, Colt, Brayden, Jackson, Richard, Grayson, Colton, Matthew


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