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Welcome to Bloomington-Normal Area FCA

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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FCACamp2017 GC

How did camp encourage you or help you grow spiritually?

  • “Our speaker was really inspirational and talking with friends at huddle time helped.” -Brayden K. 
  • “It helped me learn more about God.” -Rylan D. 
  • "It encouraged me by just talking about God all the time.” -Lane P. 
  • “The great speeches.” -Carter 
  • “Talked about a lot in the chapel time.” -Alex
  • “Praying in the morning.” -Max
  • “It opened me to God more.” -Shaun
  • “We would talk about God and sing songs.” Landon H. 
  • “Worship time” -Ava K. 
  • “We talked about God in fun ways.” -Ashley H. 
  • “People were very helpful and when the preacher was speaking, he made me think hard.” - Olivia H. 
  • “I think I grew closer to God.” -Lilly L. 
  • “My favorite part was growing closer to God and doing my favorite sports at the same time.” -Kodee
  • “The verses helped me.” - Olivia 

The Power of One.

One passion, one purpose and one goal can drive an athlete, coach or team to be their very best.

The Impact of One.

One player, one play, and one game-changing moment can transform the course of competition and bring victory.

Everything comes down to One.

There is power in One Gospel. There is power in One Truth. And there is power in our One Great God who transforms hearts and brings victory in our lives. As Christian athletes, when we stand together with one passion, one power, and one purpose, there is great impact!

Let’s stand together as One!

“I will know that you are standing together with one spirit and one purpose, fighting together for the faith, which is the Good News.” –Philippians 1:27 NLT


Huddle Leaders- How will you let this experience personally impact you?

  • "It has made me want to dedicate myself more to God." - Payton
  • "Keep serving Him and being a servant." - Shayne
  • “I trust that God is always going to be there for me through good and bad things. I will always believe and know that He has a great plan for me and I know that He will impact my life.” - Megan M
  • “When I was teaching the kids, I knew that they were understanding who Jesus was.” -Riley C. 
  • “Hearing the speaker was inspiring.” -Rylan D. 
  • “I will recognize that people are always watching and my actions don’t go unnoticed.” -Ben R. 
  • “I will know how to teach people about the Gospel.” -Lance L. 
  • “This helped me take control and learn to take responsibility.” -Abby S.